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Aug 27, 2007

Toy of the Week - Super Jepel by Kaijin

This week, we select  Super Jepel created by Kaijin  as the Toy of the Week.  Super Jepel is Kaijin's second original vinyl figure from Wonderwall, following the success of Steiny.  With Super Jepel, Kaijin offers a distinct vision of urban life -- glamorous and sublime. Edginess gives way to sophistication as can be seen in the depiction of the cigarette. 

Super Jepel sprung to life from Kaijin's mind and his hands, first as a custom resin figure and now is available as a production toy.  Kaijin's vinyl figures are quite collectible with small productions runs. There are currently two editions of Super Jepel --  an orange colorway (200 pieces) and the recently released Fewmany exclusive (100 pieces).  The Fewmany edition may be  hard to come by but as of this writing it is available directly from Fewmany and TokyoCube (very limited stock).

About Kaijin

While perhaps not as well known stateside as some of his fellow Japanese artists, Kaijin is a well-respected multi-talented character artist.  He regularly collaborates and shows  with some of Japan's top character artists and designers,  most notably through regular group exhibitions at Fewmany and the twice-a-year Design Festa.   As with many  of his Japanese peers, Kaijin is comfortable both with illustration and sculpting.  He  constantly creates, sculpts and paints custom resin creations for exhibitions.   Some of these characters become production pieces  including Steiny and the recentlyt released Super Jepel -- both from Wonderwall.   Kaijin's work brings a sense of grace and subtle whimsy often to  the world of vinyl art toys.

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Sweet fig!

Kaijin's work is so stylish... there should be more Kaijin love on this side of the Pacific. Ditto T9G and Gumliens!

This looks to me a bit like the stylish love-child of a Pinky St and a Tokidoki toy, which is not a bad thing.

has anyone heard of this years cutting edge fashion event the founder is peter gurnz of www.boxeight.com

has anyone heard of this years cutting edge fashion event the founder is peter gurnz of www.boxeight.com

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