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Aug 01, 2007

WWS Protos: Luke Feldman's Mai and Evil Ice Cream

At VTN UUP, Wheaty Wheat Studios revealed painted prototypes of Luke Feldman's Mai and the first Evil Ice Cream vinyl figure by Kelly Horvath and Darth Rimmer.  Mai is elegant and sexy with just a touch of intrigue with her tentacle-like legs.  She will ship with a tree accessory complete with an asian hanging lantern.   The Evil Ice Cream proto is essentially the orange creamsicle plush character 'cept in vinyl. 

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Yay..... way to be a nathan j ripoff... originality is dead.

Luke Feldman is one of the nicest artists I have ever encountered. He's easy to talk to and not intimidating.

Mai looks so good in 3D. We will definitely pic up this one when it is released!

Mai looks awesome...love the work on the website (skaffs.com)...can't wait for this one!

Wow! I'm impressed with the Mai vinyl. So unique and stylish. I want one NOW!

After checking out skaffs.com... I'm impressed. Luke does have a pretty original style!

hot! hot! hot! Mai is sweet!

I just happened to be in the audience at the Comic Con film festival when Luke presented his short film. Very funny guy.... Will definitely be getting myself one of those Mai vinyls.

That Mai looks great.
What's the size of it though?

When and where can I get the Mai vinyl?

when will the Mai b avaible

This is really a question for Wheaty Wheat. However, I will say this was the first time Mai has been shown publicly -- so I would say it's likely ways off.

doesn't anyone out there think that his style is somewhat strikingly similar to Nathan J??... I had a look at his website and was confused - at first i thought i was looking at Nathan's work then realised I was in rip-off town.

I agree with the opening comment, where is the originality.

I'm a fan of Nathan's work too. But checking out Skaffs, I can see it too has its own distinctive style. Both of them rock! Count me in for a Mai vinyl.

Super Sexy Skaffs

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