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Sep 24, 2007

Proto Monday >> Molly from Oban, Star Racers

Today on Proto Monday, we have an exclusive  look at Molly, the first ŌBAN,Star Racers animated series figure from Muttpop Molly, the main character in the series, is a 15 year old Earth girl whose escape from boarding school leads to a spot on Earth's team in an intergalactic  race for the  greatest power in the Universe.  ŌBAN, Star Racers, a 26 Episode Sci-Fi Fantasy animated series, was developed by Sav! The World through a rare collaboration between animators from the West and East. The Sav! The World art team actually lived and worked in Tokyo with the staff of Japanese studio Hal Film Maker for the entire production of the series.

Molly is  being  sculpted  by Lester Sosa and Erick Sosa of Sosa Studios who also worked on the Muttpop minis.  Starting with a rough pose design by Muttpop's Fabien, the sculpting is now in the final stages. The pictured  sculpt  is very close to Molly's complete design.  Muttpop is currently waiting for approval from Savin Yeatman-Eiffel (founder of Sav! The World and creator of Molly).  The only missing element at this point are the straps that will hang from the buttons on Molly's overalls to her back.  Molly will be released in 2008 as a 7" tall rotocast vinyl figure from Muttpop.

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