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Sep 03, 2007

Toy of the Week -- Marka27's minigods

We're proud to select Marka27's minigods as our Toy of the Week.  The minigods bring together Marka's varied artistic interests - graffiti, music, and indigenous cultures.  He coined the term  'indigenous vinyl' to describe his  first original art toys which stand 15" tall and feature a working speaker.  MG-1 Brazil, the first figure in the series, is available in four colorways : Brazil (300 pcs), Midnight (300 pcs), Gold Grillz (100 pcs), and Platinum Grillz (100 pcs)

By following his passions Marka27 has realized his own uncompromised vision in vinyl with the minigods. Through their choice of music, collectors can use the MG-1 as a means of personal expression in a way not possible with most collectibles.  The Gold Grillz edition exclusive to ToyTokyo and the Platinum Grillz exclusive to SURU are both currently available.  The Brazil edition and the Previews Exclusive Midnight edition will be available shortly from specialty retailers.

About Marka27

Currently residing in Boston, Marka27 (Victor Quinonez) crafted his artistic style and reputation on the streets as a graffiti artistHe has carried his skill and aesthetic over to commercial toy design, fashion and advertising projects. Not confined to the streets, he  has shown his work at several museums and fine art galleries including the  Isabella Steward Gardner Museum (Boston), Boston Center For the Arts Gallery, Crewest Gallery (LA) and Meltdown (LA). With his new minigods line, Marka now brings his aesthetic to the world of urban vinyl. For more insight, please check out our interview with Marka27.

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great to see these as toy of the week.
they are amazing figures and look even better in person!

which colourway do you like best?

i fuggin love these things...............

While I love the toy (I like the midnight best) I'm more interested in it replacing my speakers. How does it sound? Does anyone know the specs on the speaker(s)? Thanks

Toy of the week.....Thats TOY OF THE YEAR!!!
Straight up.

It looks amazing and the speaker sounded good. But after picking it up for the second time the 'cup' bit of the speaker broke off and one day later the speaker itself has blown even though I didn't even use it for anything other than listening to computer games. Obviously manufactured cheap.

Be cautious.

Still, without having any functionality its still cool. Just pissed me off.

Paul or who ever had a problem please email me directly or contact me with any problems before making any asumptions.
We have sold many minigods from SDCC till now and have had no problems. Contact me so we can help you out. Im sure
it's something that can be worked out and Im positive your speaker didn't blow.

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