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Oct 08, 2007

Proto Monday >> Tootsie Pop Vinyls

Do you remember the old school "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?"  animated commercial? Proto Monday is bringing you the first look at the clay sculpts for the three Tootsie Pop figures coming from  Super Rad Toys in '08.  There's the Boy, Mr. Turtle and of course Mr. Owl. Retro fun now in vinyl form.

The figures were developed by Super Rad Toys from the original source material.  Care has been taken to make the toys as true to the original spots as possible. 

The Boy measures 5.75" inches high and will come in both blond and black hair editions.  Mr. Turtle stands 6.25 inches high and features two different heads (mouth open and closed).  The head and the four legs are collapsible into the shell -- he's a turtle after all.  Finally, Mr. Owl stands 6.25 inches tall and comes with three different eye/beak sets (plug-in style) which mirror the action in the commercial: talking beak/half-open eyes, tasting beak/open eyes, and "crunch" beak/crazy eyes.  Mr. Owl will ship with both an uneaten Tootsie Pop (wrapped) accessory and a half-eaten one with exposed center. 

These figures will be sold as sets with Mr. Owl and the Boy as well as Mr. Turtle and the Boy.  The sets will be available in 'flavor' editions matching the original Tootsie Pop varieties.   Both sets will also be available in a "real life" colorway. Each set will come with a Tootsie Pop accessory - complete with wrapper and half-eaten pop.   These will drop in 2008 with an estimated retail somewhere between $30 and $40 per two-figure set.

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