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Dec 03, 2007

Seen: Sancho Release @ Subtext

Angels and Gringos released Sancho, their first art toy, over the weekend at Toy Tokyo in NYC (11/29) and Subtext in SD (12/1).  We made the trip down to SD for the Subtext release and brought back these pics.  Both the Marigold (50 pieces - 25 for each release) and the Turquoise (250 pcs) were available at the show. Daniel Monahan, the artist and sculptor of Sancho, signed & doodled on boxes for collectors.
For those that are curious about process, Daniel brought  both an original hand-made mold and clay sculpt for those curious to see where it all started (pics after the jump).  The journey from the original sculpt to toy  may have been long, but the results speak for themselves.

This was our first trip to Subtext.  It's a cool store with a mix of art books and select designer vinyl.  Plans are in the works for another custom show just in time for SDCC '08. The truly hardcore lined up before noon -- and who can blame them given how well Sancho turned out?  When we left around 9:30 there were maybe 5 or six pieces left.  So there's still a bit of hope to score a Marigold.  Sometimes the buzz on a toy takes a while to build.  At any rate,  this is one of the best releases of the year. 


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