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Jan 23, 2008

Gary Taxali - Oh No and Oh Oh

Gary Taxali's Oh No and Oh Oh vinyl art toys drawn from his paintings are moving along in production and shaping up really nicely. These rad faces w/legs stand 6.5" tall and articulate at the leg for lots of fun poses including sitting to watch the world go by.   Limited to 500 pieces of each design, these were sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider and are being produced by Bigshot Toyworks. They will drop in April from Chump Toys  with an official release party at Magic Pony for $60 and $80 (signed). Preorder it by dropping email to info[at]chumptoys[dot]com. These are a nice translation of Gary's art and as such have a great nostalgic feel.  Perfect for your toy collection or as color or even an otherwise dull office. 

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