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Jan 28, 2008

Patrick Nagel Figure from Super Rad Toys

Patrick Nagel's stylish depictions of the female form surged in popularity with his regular contributions to Playboy magazine  starting in the 70's and perhaps hit a zenith with his art for Duran Duran's mega-album Rio.  His signature bone white skin, flowing hair, classic shades and often loose fitting clothes define a "look" and style that has outlived his life.  As popular and well-known as his work is, many more people recognize his art as familiar than know of the artist behind it.

Super Rad Toys  has licensed the  immediately recognizable art of Patrick Nagel.  The first product to will be the classic  female figure shown above. Translating Nagel's distinct art to a 3D form proved to be a challenge.  Super Rad Toys'  goal in doing so "was to represent his pervasive 2D work in 3D while still retaining the qualities of his original 2D work", explains Super Rad Toy's co-founder Jonathan Cathey.  This lovely lady stands 14" tall and will be released in May-June '08 in limited numbers. 

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