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Feb 19, 2008

Andrew Bell's Giver - Paint Mockups

Hope you enjoyed the three day weekend.  We kick off Tuesday with the third installment of our continuing look at Andrew Bell's new Giver figure coming from his DYZPLASTIC  brand.  Up until today we've been showing you Giver in his raw unpainted form.   Today, we're bringing him to you in  fiery color with the paint mock-ups of the Burning Orange  Giver.  The mockup gives you a good idea of what the final figure will look.  That said, it's very much a in-development tool -- it's a mix of paint and paper printouts of graphic features (rear of Giver) on top of a resin cast.  The paper printouts are used for visualization purposes at this point in the development. These shots are the first good look at the flame creature that will ship with this edition of the Giver.  Hmmm, what else might a Giver hold ?

Producing a top quality figure is all about iteration - rinse and repeat.  Click through to the full post to see some of the revisions Andrew requested.  One bears further explanation -- on the original artwork layout images, dotted magenta lines were used to indicate joints in the final figure. Somehow this information wasn’t passed on to the person doing paint mockups, so they ended up actually painting those dotted lines right onto the arms!  Next week we're going to take a look at the process of creating and revising the Flame creatures as well as the packaging. 

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