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Mar 22, 2008

Interview with Kenny Wong on Dr. Cube

[We're pleased to bring you Yevgeniy Shukhman's  interview with  HK artist Kenny Wong about his upcoming Copperhead-18 releases.  Enjoy]

Yevgeniy: Kenny, we last talked about the release of the  Dig 12 inch toy from the Coperhead-18 series. Now, you've announced the next toy in the series, "Dr. Cube".  How does he fit into the whole story?

Kenny: Dr.Cube is the most experienced diver among the Copperhead-18 team.  His task is to help to build and to repair the submarine.He lost his face -- there's  a mysterious story behind the injury.  I'll reveal it later on my site.

Y: You are notorious for using real world materials for your toys. What can we expect from Dr.Cube?

K: I think  real materials can enhance the feeling of the figure.  The weight  and  the texture  sometimes can't be replicated by plastic. Real material can make it totally different. I'm trying to make the lighting interface around his head, frankly it looks really cool ^^

Y: When is the release date?

K: I hope I can make it around April. As U know , limited production in China is always unpredictable.

Y:  We are all fans of Dig.  You started working on the 1:18 version of him  with   the details of  the 1:6 figure. How is it coming along?

K:  It brings back my memories to when I was a kid. I used to keep  a 1:18 figure of  a He-Man like figure in my pocket --  it was like a friend, I took it wherever I went.  So in some ways, this box set  represents the memories of my first figure. That's why I want to make it come true and to share with U guys.

Y: Kenny, once again thank you for sharing with us and we can't wait to get our hands on Dr.Cube.

K: Thank U

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