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Apr 21, 2008

Proto Monday >> Marka27's Killa Instinct

Last week we teased you with a silhouette of Marka27's new Killa Instinct figure (8") coming this summer from B.I.C. Industries.   For today's Proto Monday feature, we've got the first look at the  work-in-progress sculpt and the low-down on the figure.   With 15 years of experience as a graff writer, Marka wanted to create a toy that reflected the all-consuming pursuit of widespread urban exposure -- one wall at a time.  As he puts it, Killa Instinct is "set to destroy anyone or anything that gets in his way of  desire for domination through the means of "getting up, with his Killa Styles, burners, tags, throwups, by any means necessary".  Marka's put alot of himself and his experience in the toy -- Killa Instinct bears more than a passing resemblance to his creator (ok, minus the massive spray can 'hump').

Graff is part of Killa's identity -- from the can sprouting out of his back to the paint fumes that give him life and power (fed directly into his mask).  Killa Instinct is ready  to spread his word with an arsenal of accessories --Spray cans, markers, Nail Spiked Bat, Machette, Gas Mask and Four 'Kill Toys' finger rings. Also be on the lookout for surprise accessories.   While the work is still in progress, the sculpt is coming along nicely.  Be sure to check back for updates on the figure's development.  We can't wait to see  more especially the hyper-detailed gas mask. Click through for detail shots.

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