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Jul 10, 2008

Tim Tsui – Da Fighter + More at TTF


Tim Tsui provided the biggest ‘wow’ moment of the show  IMO with the unveiling of his brand new Da Fighter figure – the first in his new fighter series.  This thing is huge (wide) and very funky – the tribal patterns, the horned shoulder armor, the bling collar, the red transparent left claw and mace.  Oh and did we mention,  that it’s a wolf and not an ape?  Great stuff.  

The colorway shown here was for sale at TTF for about $100.  It’s limited to 150 pieces total – 50 for TTF, 50 for SDCC and 50 for his online store. It sounds like the fighter series is Tim's alternate mostly non-ape series.  While Tim usually ships his ape figures in a cloth bag, he's gone for a flashier silver heavy bag for Da Fighter (pic after the jump).   Oh if you're wondering why Da Fighter was launched so soon after Da Warrior -- the answer is that Da Warrior took much longer to produce than expected which resulted in the bunched up releases.    Sounds like the TTF supply is sold out.

Tim also dropped his Sharky from ToyQube – really slick.  It was going for 2000 nt (about $60).  It will likely be available at SDCC. It comes with a cool banana accessory that fits nicely into the aquatic carnivore's jagged teeth.   And if you’re wondering, there will be at least one more edition but that’s all we could pry loose -- well, we didn’t want to pry too hard ;-)     Tim  is also offering a new ape head key chain/lighter topper (400 nt, about $13). 

Finally, Tim dropped a custom Da Warrior in black, gold and red.  It sold within the first few hours (~ $400) – not surprising given that Tim rarely does one-off customs for sale.  More pics after the jump.

DSC_7809 DSC_7804

DSC_7818 DSC_7977

DSC_7801 DSC_7811 DSC_7814

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