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Jul 12, 2008

*Update* Super7 @ SDCC



Weeks went by and we finally hear an update from the good folks of Super7 on what they have for us at SDCC. Updated photos on their Super7 SDCC website were recently posted of the Exclusive C.O.B.R.A. Zombie and RealXHead Mini Set. Here are the awaited photos with a little synopsis of the figure thanks to Super7.


Zombie - C.O.B.R.A. Tribute!!!
Super7 is very pleased to show the third figure in the Snakes of Infinity line of vinyl Fight Figures! The Zombie is the Henchman of the Maniacal Dr. Killgore, the evil genius monster creator behind the Snakes of Infinity. Having too little genetic material to create a full monster, Dr. Killgore created just a monster's head, and attached it to a generic foot soldier's body. Thus, the Zombie was born! Who knows what terrifying creature lurks under the hood.......


Super7 x RxH Mini Set of 4!!!
Japanese boutique toy company RealxHead continues to blaze forward into the future with consistently dynamite releases, but for the San Diego Comic Con, RealxHead will take a fond look at its past by releasing a pint-sized version of the long sold out and highly sought after Super7 x RxH set of 4. The Mutant Head, Mutant Evil, Mutant Chaos and Mutant Bigaro have shrunk in size, and grown in cuteness, and will be available in limited quantities each day of the convention. Set your alarm clock early, because these clear orange vinyl figures with black, orange and silver spray will not last long.

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