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Dec 02, 2008

“Red Mouth” Calli



This past Sunday, Tim Biskup and Bispop Gallery held their 5th Annual Holiday Party in Pasadena.  Fans lined up for the release of the clear pink TBxT9G Rangeas, a new hand colored print, custom vinyl pieces, and original artwork.  What went relatively unnoticed was a stealth drop by Mr. Biskup.  Some fans may recall that during production of the silver & white striped Calli, a few were made with red mouths instead of blue.  Rumor had it that Tim was sitting on a handful of these but no further information was released in the last few years.  On Sunday, Tim brought a few along and put them on the shelf with no signs or indicators other than writing “Red Mouth” in small letters on the back of the tag that sticks out of the box.  Word spread quickly and the six or so were gone in a flash.  If you’re a Calli completist and need this one, I would recommend keeping your eyes open and praying that Tim will release a few more.  


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