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Feb 11, 2009

Amanda Visell Interviews Ohm


[We're pleased to bring you an interview of French artist Ohm by Amanda VisellOhm had the challenging task of creating a consistent look for Muttop's Tcho! mini-fig series which features characters from six different creators.  For the interview, Amanda put on her journalist's hat,  pierced the fluff and got right down to the heart of the matter. Enjoy. ]

AV: Hello Dude, I had the pleasure of checking out your new toys when the Muttpop boys came over. How do you feel about having toys made?

O: I'm super excited about the toy release… especially since the Tcho! line includes a character from BAO BATTLE, my own comic book series. Designing a toy line has been a dream of mine. Knowing that these toys will be sold on store shelves next to toys designed by artistic geniuses like Devilrobots, Tado, and Friends With You is a great honor. But now that the first Tcho figures are done I want to do more, way more!


Can you describe the world they live in?

The world these characters come from is a galaxy with many different planets. Each planet is a very unique and colorful world filled with surprise and fun. The six characters the toys are based on actually come from six different comic book series all published in a comic anthology magazine here in France called Tcho!

Which one is your favorite?

Moko, of course. He’s my own creation. The final figure design really looks like the idea I initially conceived for him. I also like Lou a lot. She looks like the perfect little girl. She’s so cute that you’d want to spoil her rotten.


What’s your process for making these existing characters part of your world?

I just add an element called "Super Cute, Classy but Not Hot Pink Silly". I don't know if it's a real creative process but it's my best way to describe it...

What's a typical day for you? What do you eat for breakfast? When do you work?

I wake up at 9:00 am. I'm eating different things everyday. When I'm motivated I cook eggs and bacon and have it with juice, salad and avocado. When I'm lazy, I’ll eat a handful of cookies. After breakfast, I go to my studio where I work until 7 pm. Of course, throughout my workday, I'm taking a lunch break and way too many cigarette breaks. When I don’t go to the studio, I'm working from home…but I don’t get as much work done that way.


Does France have a their own Big Brother show? If so would you go on it?

Yes we do. I'd go on the show as long as I could bring all my friends. I'd love to spend a month doing nothing but hanging out at the pool, playing volleyball or basketball, drawing and getting plastered with wine. I'm just not too keen on the cameras.


Favorite creative tool?

A pencil and a Rotring pen are my main creative necessities. That and Photoshop for coloring. Nothing too fancy.

rough turn jubbei

Thanks for answering these questions. Congrats!

Thank you too. I love your work. I feel like a beginner next to you!

[Check out our daily profile of Tcho! figures featuring Ohm's Moko below]

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