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Feb 09, 2009

Incoming: We Kill You’s Newest Sculpt - King Of The Forest


Celebrating a year in toy making, WKY has been working hard on a new sculpt for a very special release. It was just last year when the Valentines Day edition Monstre De Marais was released, which so happened to be the very first resin figure release. A year later We Kill You has created King Of The Forest. A similar shape of the Monstre De Marais but an entirely new concept. WKY supplied us with some background knowledge of the roots of King Of The Forest. Get it… roots… no? fine then… read on..

"Born in the year 1823 into the Royal Deciduous Family, the King was given the name Hickory Bitternut III. His family was responsible for making sure the balance was kept in the sacred peaceful bond between nature, critter and human. In the early 1900's a deadly disease had struck the Bitternut forest forcing all trees and animals to flee so as not to get sick. Hickory was the only survivor of the R.D.F and thus was crowned king, though he never really felt fit for the job.

As years went by, more and more animals started to move to the new kingdom and they all had stories to tell of why they had to flee their home land. One day a chipmunk arrived after traveling hundreds of miles on the back of a fox. He was very sick and died in the branches of Hickory, but not before telling him that it was the humans in their machines that had broken the sacred bond and were the reason for all the disease and suffering. Infuriated by this, the King held a meeting with all the other leaders of the forest to let them know that bond had been broken and humans were no longer to be trusted.

Today, the King still watches over the animals and plants of the forest and keeps the balance of nature in check. He is slowly fighting back at the humans and their machines to make sure that they don't destroy the little bit of forest that is left!

WKY hopes to have these 5.5” figures ready in time for a V-Day anniversary release. The first colorway is expected to be a mossy and muddy. So be sure to stay tuned for final product pictures, prices, and time of the release. For now, enjoy pictures of the sculpt right after the jump.

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