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Apr 15, 2009

My Collection - Tattoos

Tattoos are pretty much the only thing I collect now a days. My tattoos are my way of collecting art. Over the past few years I have gotten close to 100 hours of work done by Joe Capobianco, Jime Litwalk, Kat Von D, PON, Grez, Nikko Hurtado, Eric Newman, SEEN, and most recently, Mike DeVries. Yes - it hurt. Yes - it costs a lot of money.

Since tattoos are a passion of mine I wanted to introduce you to some of my tattoo artists who have become involved in the vinyl toy scene: Joe Capobianco, PON, and Grez. All three Artists have had vinyl toys and have done customs. Joe and Grez were both in the Tattoo Dunny Series I curated a few years ago, and PON has his own FatCap and Dunny. Get to know these amazing guys and witness how tattooing and vinyl toys collide.


How long have you been tattooing?

As of February '09, it is 16 Years. 

What was your first introduction to art? What mediums did you work with before you started picking up a tattoo machine?

As long as I can remember I've been creating art, in one way or another. But my first actual introduction, as in Grade school 5th grade to be exact. And every year following that thru 12th grade I was very active in art classes. Having not continued on to college, or art school, I feel this was a huge leg up.

My primary art tool before tattooing was, and still is the Airbrush.


What made you switch to tattooing as art of choice?

Its a great job, I get to be creative in a very unique medium, and meet interesting people from round the world. That, and I was out of work, and was asked to apprentice...

You put on a MUNNY show at Hope Gallery last year. What sparked your interest in vinyl toys?

I was actually asked by You, to take part in the Paint Ball for Kid Robot. Doing some further investigating I was pretty blown away by the size of that world. The more I saw, the more I was hooked.

The Idea for a Munny art show, was actually the Brain Child of one Julio Rodriguez. From there we were able to get over 75 artists together, and with the help of Kid Robot. Hope Gallery hosted one of its most successful shows to date. People love Munny's.


What do you collect?

To be honest I've tried to cut way back on collecting stuff. I've huge book collection (both art, and reading). I've a ton of queer nick nacks that are on display in my workstation at Hope. Anything from Elvis memorabilia, to Japanese Toys (these cool Japanese Demons), not to mention Art. Lots and lots of Art.

Next year will mark the release of your very own vinyl figure. How does it feel to finally have one of your girls in 3D form?

I don't even know where to begin. I’m insanely excited, and really can't wait to see her.

Aside from the toy, what can we see from you in the upcoming year?

I've 2 more art books waiting in the wings. The first is "3 of a Kind". This book features sketches, and color work of two good friends and I. Both Jime' Litwalk, and Tony Ciavarro, asked me to take part in this little project, that after two years, is finally going to see the light of day.

Than, there's my own new sketch book Called "Knock Yer Self Out". I’m very excited bout this one, because its complete sketches that Tattoo Artists will be able to totally rip off, for either tattoo's (like Flash), or just cool inspiration.

Than there's a bunch of new T-shirts IM working on, and limited edition art prints.


How long have you been tattooing?

I've been tattooing almost 9 years.

What was your first introduction to art? What mediums did you work with before you started picking up a tattoo machine?

I've been involved in art my entire life, I come from a long line of artists with most my family being involved in one way or another.  Before I was tattooing I used what ever medium I could get my hands on, especially "making the graffiti".  When I started tattooing I had worked with water colors for some yrs after but eventually I went full circle and just started working with what ever I could get my hands on again.


What made you switch to tattooing as art of choice?

I had been drawn to tattooing from a young age, it started when I saw the tattoo scene in Born In East L.A.. I thought drawing on the skin was the coolest thing.  I was so interested in it 'cause it was the only medium I didn’t have knowledge of.  It wasn't a something you could research at the time.  The things I really liked was that it was something that was passed down from teacher and apprentice.  It was like the times of DaVinci, tattooers were the new masters.

What sparked your interest in vinyl toys?

I remember the moment I got sucked in to vinyl toys.  I had walked into a local Toy spot and saw SEENs spray can monster.  I thought it was so cool to see a toy that was marketed to someone like me.  It wasn't a G.I Joe or anything like that, the colors where vivid and the texture of the vinyl just gave it that something else that I really liked.  When I saw what else people where doing I knew i had to have them and some day make them myself.

What do you collect?

I don't collect any anything in particular, it's either things that catch my eye or supporting friends. I love dunnys, and other platform toys.  I feel like they give you more of a variety and I think its dope to see different takes on the same toy. 

This year marked the release of your first vinyl toys. How does it feel to finally have your art in 3D form?

It feels great to have a production toy, not so much for the 3D aspect but because people who wouldn't have been exposed to my art get to see it.

What can we see from you in the upcoming year?

In the upcoming yr I will be apart of a few shows and events. Sket, Mr Shane Jessup and myself are dong a live paint and show at wizards sleeve in Florida in June and I’m also dong a show in SOHO with Sket and possible 3rd person in September. Also, I'm very excited about a couple dunnys coming out this year.

How did it feel to get tattooed by me?

It felt like an eternity LOL! You were pretty merciless, especially since it was right near my shin.




How long have you been tattooing? 

9 years

What was your first introduction to art? What mediums did you work with before you started picking up a tattoo machine?

My first introduction to art was at a very young age.  I used to go wild with my crayons.  You should see my Grandmothers wallpaper. She was PISSED!  But she refuses to cover it.  Admitted later on that she loved it.  I was getting ups before most!

Later on in life I focused mostly on oil, clay, and watercolor.


What made you switch to tattooing as art of choice?

I started getting tattooed at the age of 16.  Once I arrived at college, I had a few. Being an art major, friends started asking me to draw tattoos for them.  That planted the seed. 

Two of my best buddies opened up Halo Tattoo in 1997.  Lucky for me, they took me in and showed me the light.  I always assumed when I started my apprenticeship that I'd eventually go to grad school.  Haven't thought much about it since I began tattooing full time. 

You were in the Tattoo Dunny Series? How does it feel to have your very own toy?

It’s still bizarre saying that I designed my own toy, almost as if it’s not real. People tell me here and there that they have my toy and I'm still surprised.  Still cant thank you guys enough for considering me!


What do you collect?

If there's one thing I collect, it's original tattoo flash.  I'm drawn mostly to vintage stuff.  I fell that i can never have enough.  I have a problem!  If anyone has some Vintage flash and wants a tattoo, I'd love to trade!!!

You were also in the PAINTBALL and customized a 20" Dunny. What was that experience like?

That was another great experience.  Aside from being involved with a great group of artists, this event was for a good cause.   My wife and I went to the opening and couldn't believe the response!  A line around the block!  We made our way in and were stunned by the collection.  Refreshing ideas and approaches with a variety of mediums.  Thanks to you guys, we all had a chance to show our work and contribute to charity.


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