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May 29, 2009

Follow Friday On TwitterPulse


It seems as though that Follow Fridays here on Vinylpulse will never end. Every day an artist joins this global networking sensation. So we bring to you another set of artists you should definitely check out. Don’t forget to follow us @Vinylpulse for your vinyl toy and art needs. Our sister site @Vpeast also has a twitter, so feel free to follow them as well.

@Podgy Panda
Location: New Zealand
Web: http://www.podgypanda.com/
Bio: Doodle doodle!
Follow Podgy Panda on Twitter.
Location: Bay Area, CA aka Paradise
Bio: Geek, toy collector, ummmm...yeah, that pretty much sums it up.
Follow Wolfchild59 on Twitter.
Location: Toledo, OH
Web: http://www.dustinameryhostetler.com/
Bio:united planets space organization ☠. i work for threadless.com, make art and publish faesthetic magazine
Follow UPSO on Twitter.
Location: Ess Eph
Web: http://www.PHONETICONTROL.com/
Bio:Illustrationer, Painter and Customizer
Follow Phoneticontrol on Twitter.
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