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Jun 19, 2009

Follow Friday On TwitterPulse


Taking another break from your usual toy related artists, we follow those who are make a big part in the toy production side. These folks help make these toys comes to life and without them we would have nothing to collect dust on our shelves. So this Follow Friday features those having to do with the production industry as well as the soul starters of their companies. Don’t forget us small folks at @VinylPulse and @VPeast.

@Crazy Label
Name: Andy Woo
Location: iPhone
Web: http://www.crazylabel.com/
Bio: Founder and Executive Producer of Crazy Label
Follow Crazy Label on Twitter.
@Play Imaginative
Location: Singapore
Web: http://www.playimaginative.com/
Bio:Celebrating designer toys from Sunny Singapore! d:
Follow Play Imaginative on Twitter.
Location: Somewhere in Asia
Web: http://www.adfuntureworkshop.com/
Bio: Founder of Adfunture
Follow Eddiaft on Twitter.
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.strangeco.com/
Bio: Purveyors of the Peculiar!
Follow Strangeco on Twitter.
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