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Jul 03, 2009

Follow Friday On TwitterPulse


I’m getting kinda worried forks. Took me a while to find more people for today’s Follow Friday. So feel free to send in your requests to be apart of TwitterPulse. I was lucky enough to find some of these great artists. Be sure to follow us on both @VinylPulse and @VPeast.

@Daniel Goffin
Location: Kassel, Germany
Web: http://www.danielgoffin.com/
Bio: I draw pictures, sculpt toys, ride fixed gear bikes, play capoeira and mix techno on parties.
Follow Daniel Goffin on Twitter.
@Scarlett Cat
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Web: http://scarlettcat.blogspot.com/
Bio: Hello. I'm a self-taught Aussie artist who loves to draw flirty, quirky big-eyed girls. Pop over to my shop or blog to meet them all!
Follow Scarlett Cat on Twitter.
Location: Instantland
Web: http://arkivinstant.com/
Bio: Everything is BROTTT!!
Follow Arkiv on Twitter.
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