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Jul 10, 2009

Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood – Sea Monkey


Kenny Wong + Ashley Wood + 3A = Sea Monkey = 20” of Awesomeness.  This sweet collabo project was shown in proto form at the Kennyswork booth. The massive diving machine has an impressive distressed look thanks to a great paint application.  The design of the outer figure was done by Kenny while Ashley Wood is creating the 1:6 female pilot which will fit inside the deep sea loving beast.  Btw, the Copperhead-18 figure show next to the Sea Monkey is for size comparison only.  One to watch for sure – no word on pricing yet other than it’s going to be $$$$, but then we knew that and it’s bound to be worth every penny.  High-end projects like this are definitely a welcome jolt of excitement to the scene.

1-DSC_7997 6-DSC_8007

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Bioshock Daddy Much?

Where can I buy one of these?

Thanks Ed...

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