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Sep 11, 2009

Follow Friday On Twitter Pulse


For this installment of Follow Friday on Twitter Pulse we bring you 5 new twitters to follow. Some with shows coming up, some that are a well known company from SF that recently opened a shop, some who are toy creators, and some with some new toys in the works. Feel free to hit us up HERE or on Twitter if you are interested in being in next weeks FF! Of course, follow us at @VinylPulse and @VPEast.


Location: NYC
Web: http://www.thebeastbrothers.com/
Bio: artist and beast fused in to one
Follow CarlosbEast on Twitter.
Location: Orlando, FL
Web: http://www.maihiro.net/
Bio: Soon to have an exclusive Spiki figure with Kidrobot!
Follow Nakanari on Twitter.
Location: San Francisco, CA
Web: http://www.gama-go.com/
Bio: What happens when an art school dropout, traveling curmudgeon, and an amateur taxidermist take on the massive apparel industry juggernaut.
Follow Gama-Go on Twitter.
Location: Germany
Web: http://viseone.patchtogether.de/
Bio: Has an upcoming figure coming out with Patch Together, the Sad Dragon.
Follow VISEone on Twitter.
@Patch Together
Location: Irvine
Web: http://www.patchtogether.com/index.html
Bio: These folks will be doing big things in the toy industry.
Follow Patch Together on Twitter.
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