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Sep 18, 2009

Follow Friday On TwitterPulse


twitter_logo Another fine day here ON Twitter Pulse and here is some more folks for you to check out. People are starting to look scarce again, so feel free to tweet us for next weeks FF! Hit us up at @Vinylpulse and don’t forget our sister site @Vpeast.

Location: Miami, Fl
Web: http://www.thebeastbrothers.com/
Bio: i like to dissect electronics mostly musical instruments, i like william gibson and japanese food and painting with my airbrush and i like all kinds of cheese
Follow ErnestobEast on Twitter.
@Tara McPherson
Location: NYC
Web: http://www.taramcpherson.com/
Bio: Painter, rock poster artist, toy maker, bass player, fun haver.
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Location: London
Web: http://www.kennmunk.com/
Bio: Customizer and Paper Craftsmen
Follow Kennmunk on Twitter.
Location: New York
Web: http://www.BakedinNY.com/
Bio: Cookies -n- Cream is a clothing & designer toys brand based out of NYC. We love art, music, street culture, toys etc and we party our asses off! You?
Follow TheCookiesMob on Twitter.
@Jasin Dollin
Location: Toronto
Web: http://www.jasindollin.com/Intro.html
Bio: Designer/Illustrator
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