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Sep 25, 2009

Rivet Gallery Presents: Alberto Cerriteño and Scott Tolleson (10.03)

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Opening next Saturday, October 3rd, Columbus’ own Rivet Gallery hosts a two person show featuring the new artworks of Scott Tolleson and Alberto Cerriteño. This exhibit begins at 7PM – 10PM and if you cannot make opening night, the show continues all the way to the 31st of October. Rivet also gives us a little bio on each of the artists and we would like to share that with you as well.

Alberto Cerriteño – Portland, OR:

Alberto Cerriteno is a Mexican illustrator & designer who has lived in America; Portland for nearly four years now. Strongly inspired by urban vinyl toys, alternative cartoons, and the pop surrealism movement, Alberto has developed his own very personal technique and style, presenting delicate hints of traditional Mexican artistic influences in his management of rich textures and decorative patterns. These contrast strikingly with the blending of desaturated colors and ink, sometimes featuring a vintage coffee finish. Alberto Cerriteno's illustrations have been recognized by progressive art institutions such as Juxtapoz, Create, Drawn!, The Little Chimp Society, Computer Arts, Communication Arts and IDN among others. He has been invited to participate in collaborative art projects around the world and in diverse solo and group gallery shows.

After more than ten years of experience as Art Director in several agencies doing advertising, print, interactive, installation and educational work, Alberto is now working as an independent artist collaborating with talented individuals on quirky and creative ideas focusing on anywhere he can apply his illustrative skills.

Scott Tolleson – Whittier, CA:

To put it simply, Scott is a toy junkie. He's obsessed with collecting, designing, and creating toys. He pulls inspiration from everything; ranging from pop culture, comic books, and toys from his childhood. Scott likes to elicit a sense of childlike wonder and nostalgia in his artwork. He enjoys working in both digital and traditional mediums depending on his mood.

Scott is happiest when he is working on a new project. He has self-produced numerous designer toys, including Tricycle Terror, Doc Von Block and Big Rollin? Rascal. He has worked for the Walt Disney Corp. for 11 years in the Entertainment Productions Department where he has designed artwork for various parades, venues and merchandise.

Scott was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. At the age of 16, he moved to the west coast. He currently resides in Whittier, CA.

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