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Oct 16, 2009

Follow Friday On TwitterPulse

twitter_logoYou know the drill! Some sweet folks you should check out…because they make awesome things.. that is why you should follow them. Also follow us at @VinylPulse and @VPEast.


@Audrey Kawasaki
Location: Los Angeles
Web: http://www.audrey-kawasaki.com/
Bio: Amazingly talented L.A. based artist who always does beautiful work.
Follow Audrey Kawasaki on Twitter.
@Dead Presidents
Location: Cranberry Land USA
Web: http://deadpresidentsdesigns.blogspot.com/
Bio: I paint and pinstripe silly things
Follow Dead Presidents on Twitter.
@Nathan Hamill
Location: Los Angeles
Web: http://www.nathanhamill.com/
Bio: I draws what i likes
Follow Nathan Hamill on Twitter.
@Blamo Toys
Location: San Francisco
Web: http://www.blamotoys.com/
Bio: hand made, limited editon, art toys!
Follow Blamo Toys on Twitter.
@Pocket Wookie
Location: Lincoln, NE
Web: http://www.pocketwookie.com/
Bio: Custom vinyl toy artist.
Follow Pocket Wookie on Twitter.

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