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Oct 29, 2009

Interview with Brent Nolasco

Gordo By Brent Nolasco and mphlabs No.01

[Pennsylvania based artist Brent Nolasco will release his first original resin art toy, Gordo, in conjunction with mphlabs @ myplasticheartnyc this Friday (10.30) from 7 to 9 PM.  We wanted to know more about Gordo and his development and thought you would too – so here’s a short interview for your reading pleasure.]

Gordo, your first original figure, looks great. What's his story? Evil, good, or just misunderstood?

Thank you. The Gordo story is:

"Just off of Main Street, in every town, lives a foraging monster, named Gordo. You can find him standing over a box of leftovers, fishing out that last crumb, and licking the containers dry. His will to eat overcomes his need to stop, always chasing the next tasty snack. Backyards and garbage cans are his buffet. After a long day of gorging, he falls into a food coma, only to awake hungry and repeat the cycle. His stomach is a bottomless pit. Who knows what he will eat next."

He’s a mischievous character. He thinks from his stomach, not his brain. But all in all, he is a good guy.

Gordito By Brent Nolasco No.0006 Gordito By Brent Nolasco No.0005 Gordito By Brent Nolasco No.0007

You've drawn and painted numerous characters from your evolving world, how did you choose which one to do as a resin?

Well, I went back to the drawing board and I developed some new characters that would work well as a resin figure. Sometimes paintings don’t translate into realistic or cost efficient products.

Brent Nolasco Resin Turn Arounds No.01Brent Nolasco Resin Turn Arounds No.02Brent Nolasco Resin Turn Arounds No.03Brent Nolasco Resin Turn Arounds No.04


 Gordo By Brent Nolasco and mphlabs No.04

One of the challenges with doing resin art toys  is the paint job. You've chosen to hand-paint each piece. Why did you decide to do this? Also, did you design the 1st Blue Orchid colorway with hand-painting in mind?

I kind-of knew from the beginning that I would have to paint the first color way. I was looking at it as more of a fine art piece than a mass production piece. Each one would be unique, almost like having a one-of-a-kind. I felt more comfortable, and in control with each piece that I painted. They all needed to meet my quality standards.

Gordo By Brent Nolasco and mphlabs No.00Gordito By Brent Nolasco No.0003

What's next? Another resin? Vinyl?

Right now I am focusing on doing more paintings and producing resin figures.

[Thanks to Brent Nolasco for taking the time for this interview.  If you’re in the NYC area, be sure to head down to myplasticheart nyc this Friday (10.30)  from 7-9 PMfor the release of the Blue Orchid Gordo.  The figures will also be released online on 11.2 @ 1 PM Eastern.]

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