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Nov 20, 2009

First Look: Amanda Visell's What-Did-I-Eat-Ephunt


Amanda Visell's been busy, really busy.     Sometimes, well pretty much all the time, we're just a bit nosey.  We hit the mother lode tonight. Here's the very first look at Amanda's  What-Did-I-Eat-Ephunt vinyls.  If you think these look familiar, you've got a good memory.  They are based on her limited-edition wood figures (25 pieces) of the same name from SDCC '07.

As you can see from these first painted test pulls, there are four editions in the works.  Each 'phunt is themed and comes with  a mini-phunt plus three specific 'food' accessories that plug smoothly into it's belly -- Amanda's obsessed with eating ya know.  Themes ?  Yup.  Let's see there's nature (white), city (deep blue), music (brown) and apocalypse (light blue).  Those aren't the final names -- snoops don't get the official list .  Mix + match ? A toy can you play with ?  You bet. Gotta catch 'em all (oops... ignore that). 

This is the second vinyl self-produced through Switcheroo, the label Amanda owns with Michelle Vallgura.  The first being Dragon Scout.  There's no release date yet -- snoops don't get those either.  Ok, now to put these back just the way they were...

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