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Nov 13, 2009

Follow Friday On TwitterPulse


Was a close call for this FF, but i managed to find more folks for you to follow. A couple of these twitters get a special shout out. To the lovely Toy Baroness and the legendary Graffiti artist SEEN, HI! Don’t forget us at @VinylPulse and @VPEast.


@Toy Baroness
Location: New York City
Web: http://baronessloves.blogspot.com/
Bio: Spreading love one tweet at a time.
Follow Toy Baroness on Twitter.
Location: New York
Web: http://www.blkmarket.net/
Bio: The Graffiti LEGEND!
Follow SEEN on Twitter.
Location: Queens, NY
Web: http://www.feedthepigeons.net/
Follow Ponnyc on Twitter.
@Colin Christian
Location: Florida, USA
Web: http://www.hotboxdesigns.com/
Bio: Sculptor,husband,geek, Evolution,Nature,and Science enthusiast who adores intelligent reasoning therefore Atheist
Follow Colin Christian on Twitter.
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Web: http://www.shoparooni.com/
Bio: We sell art, prints, handmade goods, Kidrobot and other toys, and neat stuff for everyone!
Follow Shoparooni on Twitter.

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