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Dec 04, 2009

Follow Friday On Twitter Pulse


Sorry about not doing last weeks Follow Friday. Like many of you, we were to busy thinking about the worst shopping holiday ever, Black Friday. Now we are back again with more folks for you to follow. As always, check us out at @VinylPulse and @VPEast

@Scott Musgrove
Web: http://www.scottmusgrove.com/
Bio: Designed the ever so awesome Glamour Cat with Strangeco.
Follow Scott Musgrove on Twitter.

Location: Minneapolis
Web: http://www.robotlove.biz/
Bio: A Design Store
Follow Hello_RobotLove on Twitter.

Location: New York City
Web: http://krink.com/page.php?id=1
Bio: Highest quality inks and markers.
Follow KrinkNYC on Twitter.

Location: Manila
Web: http://www.jmtejido.com/
Bio: Architect-painter-toymaker
Follow Robotars on Twitter.

Location: NYC
Web: http://foox-u.com/blog/
Bio: Foox like what…!!!
Follow Foox_U on Twitter.

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Personally, I’m interested in building conversation and relationships through my blog. So I usually check out any new link that comes through…like yours. and i think Tweeter can help also.

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