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Mar 26, 2010

Who Needs A Toy ?

Okay so this is year 3 of my Who Needs a Vinyl Toy segment.  I’m gonna try to come up with some new peeps...  I still believe in my peeps I have already picked but I don’t wanna be a broken record.

Jim Houser

455279406_f46c3831cd_o hoularge

His toys would be easy on the eyes, and nice boxes right? holla!



I saw that grass hut show and really liked these fire dudes and icy gnomes. Reminds me of Logan’s Run or something.

Kirsten Ulve

ku1 ku-2

Okay this one would be a little tricky, but do it right and I think her toys could rock the house. Her illustrations are one of my favorite parts of entertainment weekly.


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Oh definitely Houser! Maybe I should give him a call. Hmmmm..

Houser. Hands down. I'm actually shocked he hasn't hit the Vinyl world yet.

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