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Apr 05, 2012

Jeff Pidgeon’s Tr!ckster Fox Vinyl

001-tumblr_m1z0vr0Ao91r9whtto1_500 001-tumblr_m20k153DXZ1r9whtto1_1280

Pixar artist and creator of the Happy Beaver Vinyl, Jeff Pidgeon, is in the process of bringing his new Tr!cskter Fox vinyl into 3D with digital sculpting and production assistance from Bigshot Toyworks.  The new debonair figure is Pidgeon’s interpretation of the Tr!ckster travelling pop-up concept, which began in 2011 as an artist-centric  alternative to the too-big-for-its-own good SDCC behemoth.  The sophisticated yet cunning fox will make his debut at Tr!ckster 2012.

Throughout the process, Jeff has been sharing updates about the development on his tumblr  including various sculptural revisions which are now complete.  The figure has a decidedly non-designer vinyl aesthetic with its slender proportions and angular features.   The character’s discriminating personality comes to life with the top hat, upscale vest, matching carpetbag as well as the cane and bottle.  Finally, the crow evokes just a bit of mystery. Attention has now turned to colorways – the first two of which he recently posted (shown above).  I’m really enjoying the intricate pattern on the vest, tophat  and the carpetbag.

001-tumblr_m1wtjpbTbN1r9whtto1_500 001-tumblr_m1wtjpbTbN1r9whtto2_500

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where can I purchase the blank figure?

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