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Jul 10, 2012

Grasshut/Gargamel for SDCC


Bwana Spoons has just posted this long list of toy releases for the Gargamel/Grasshut Booth #4739 at SDCC. See something you like? How can you not!? It looks as though everyone will be bringing some heat. Scrappers will also be debuting his new collaborative Hobart figure at SDCC as well! Gargamel was also able to put together a few limited edition runs. All of which can be found after the jump. We also included more Garg custom teasers and some sneak peaks from Bwana. Le Merde, and Kiyoshi will also be working the booth with some rad stuff you’re going to want to leave with. The flier also mentions Grumble Toy on Friday and Josh Barnett on Saturday. Also check out our previous post on Gargamel teasers HERE and Bwana teasers HERE.

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