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Oct 15, 2012

Skinner x MvH – Krawluss @ NYCC


Lash (Mutant Vinyl Hardcore) and Skinner have put their heads together and the result is one big, bad sofubi figure -- ‘Krawluss’.  The massive 2-headed proto made an appearance at the Lulubell Toys / Velocitron booth @ NYCC.  Sculpted digitally by Shinbone Creative, Krawluss looks more than ready to crush all that oppose him. 

Pre-orders start on November 1st @ the MvH web shop with two options – blank GID w/infused gold pearl ($150 + s/h) or the ‘Battle Seat’ featuring a Krawluss and an Ollie, both in the same blank GID w/infused gold pearl treatment ($275 + s/h).

Props to Amy of Lulubell for the proto photo.

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Looks a bemoan rip off!!!

Bemon rip off my ass. Besides having two heads (plenty of toys before the Bemon were two headed) it doesn't have a single thing in common with the Bemon sculpt. Go back to collecting Dumnies.

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