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Nov 07, 2012

Mark James x Unbox – Dalston Fried Chicken Vinyl


Mark James (he of Cardboy Fame ) has teamed up with Unbox Industries to create his Dalston Fried Chicken project. This homage to the greasy but oh-so-good fast food many of us give into at least occasionally plays on both popular notions of ‘vinyl’ by including a swanky grease colored 7” 45 rpm single featuring ‘Chicken Rhythm’ by Gareth Goddard (Cherrystones).   This one scores points for it’s quirky, ‘just because’ nature and for the extra mile of including the record and producing a fun little music video (below). That and the hand-screened box is pretty rad. Limited to 200 pieces, this  vinyl snack stands 6” tall and is available for $45 from Unbox.  

One last thought, seeing this piece reminded me of Tristan Eaton’s Subservient Chicken from way back when only because it’s not everyday you see a vinyl chicken toy in our scene.   Or do you ? What other chicken vinyls are out there?


002-DFC_packa_300 001-300

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