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Feb 06, 2013

TOKYO X CREATIVES – UAMOU Documentary Indiegogo Campaign

Tokyo X Creatives wants to bring you on an inside look at some of the Tokyo’s latest and greatest in the design world. There first episode would be following Ayako Takagi, the artist behind Uamou. They’ve captured hours of footage, which needs editing, sound mixing, color correction, translations, and time, to create a 20 minute documentary. To produce and fully captivate all the happenings in the world of Uamou, including turning her passion into a family business, they are in need of your help. That’s why they’ve created an Indiegogo campaign in hopes to raise 1.000€ ($1350). There are a number of contribution levels to choose from, ranging from 1€ to 1,000€, each with different perks. So if you want to see this documentary made, please send a contribution to this campaign!


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