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Oct 17, 2013

Brian McCarty -- War-Toys Vol 1. Book + NYC Exhibition (11.5)


For the past several years, toy photographer extraordinaire Brian McCarty has been travelling to warn torn regions to explore and document children’s experiences of armed conflict as part of his ‘War-Toys’ project.  The project draws its name from  the narrative process used to engage children in which they create drawings and pose toys to relate their experiences of war  in a manner that reduces stigma or emotional barriers.  

Having completed the first phase of his project in Israel and the Gaza strip, Brian has compiled the work into his new  War-Toys Vol 1. Book and is about to open a War-Toys exhibit (11.5) in NYC at the Peanut Underground curated by Tinca Art.

Available in both a regular ($32) and a special edition ($125), the 80 page  book features 75 photographs and illustrations relating children’s memories of war as well as an introduction in English, Arabic, and Hebrew; essays by renowned expressive therapy experts Dr. Judith Rubin and Dr. Julia Byers; and a narrative account of the production of the project.  Limited to 50 books, the special edition features a special foil stamped cover, signed/numbered title page, a pewter toy artifact (34 mm) molded by Pretty in Plastic of the actual plastic army man toy used in the Wall Shooting photograph, a signed/numbered 5” x 7” Wall Shooting Print and a certificate of authenticity.   Both versions of the book are available for pre-order on Brian McCarty’s site. The book will be released on November 12th. 

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