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Mar 05, 2014

Buff Monster – Pink Zombie Mister Melty and Ice Cream Mini Sets (3.6)


Buff Monster has lined up a double drop for Thursday (3.6).  First, on the heels of the debut of the Zombie Mister Melty sofubi in an unpainted  while edition, Buff will be releasing the first painted edition ($35 + s/h) of the new figure. Rocking fluorescent pink vinyl, this edition  shows off the details of the new sculpt, from the missing chunk on his head (eaten?) to his wounded/deformed arm and foot.

In addition to the brand-new painted Zombie Mister Melty, Thursday’s drop will also feature Ice Cream Minis Complete sets.  This is the first time these 1.5” tall figures, painted for different flavors, have been released together in an easy to collect set.  These will be available for $60 (+ s/h) completed with a new header card design.

Both drops happen  on Thursday (3.6) @ 10 AM EST from buffmonster.com.


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