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May 08, 2014

Bwana Spoons – Alfa (5.9)


Bwana Spoons’ Alfa is the latest creature to escape from the Gravy Toys menagerie.  An amalgamation of sofubi and resin, the first edition features a translucent green body with yellow, orange, metallic blue and black sprays.  She comes in a traditional bag/header package with a bonus mini comic.  The spider stretches her legs on Friday (5.9) at 10 AM PDT via Bwana’s Shop

It's Alfa! An angry little spider. High winds, hungry bats and lizards, ate and destroyed almost all of Alfa's little brothers and sisters. She had just one brother left, and then Globby stepped on him. Not even on purpose, but of course Alfa doesn't know that. So alfa devised a plan. Revenge! She studied all the sciences... the important ones at least, microbiology, robotics, gene splicery. Then she made the ultimate cyborg robot, and set a sticky plan to trap Globby. Will it work?


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