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Jan 30, 2015

Nathan Jurevicinaus - Peleda Designs

Main image_2_wombat

Nathan Jurevicius is a design beast and one of my all time favorite toy designers. Just about everything Nathan creates I want to own as a toy. He has a vastly creative mind, an incredible eye for design, and develops ridiculously imaginative worlds for his characters.


Over the past couple years Nathan has shared many designs for his Peleda series he has developed for the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC).The show/concept was created/designed by Nathan J and the short series co-directed by his brother Luke. Nathan would like to make it into a full length film...re-write the whole concept with more humor, adventure, and action. Sounds great to me! And with that I hope we will one day see an entire line of nature spirit and critter toys from the Peleda world.

forestspirit airpixie bearspirit

To view more of Nathan J’s wonderfully imaginative Peleda world, make your way on over HERE.


nightspirit rainspirit foxspiritbutterfly hopper

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