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Jan 29, 2015

Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: RXSEVEN


Happy 2015 and welcome to the January edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting Dallas-based artist, RXSEVEN.

What’s your name?
I've always been fascinated by the concept of creating an alias in the art world. I remember growing up In the streets of Houston,TX  and seeing art/graffiti on freight trains and wondering who these artists were. Since then I knew I wanted to create my own identity when it came to the art world. A couple years later SE7EN happened to be the name that stuck. I use RXSEVEN for social outlets.

Where are you located?
I'm located In Dallas, Texas.

Day job or full-time artist?
I sling lattes from 9 to 5, but creating art full time is the plan!

Any random things you want people to know about you?
My pet Dachshund is more famous than me, lol

How long have you been painting toys?
I've been customizing toys for 3 years now. I remember being introduced to Kidrobot designs from a graffiti artist that I followed in my early teens. I always wanted to collect, but I just couldn't afford them at the time. I think for a teenager going through high school, high-priced designer toys were not the priority lol. Now a couple years later here I am making my own designs.

Anything specific you’d like people to know about your toy work (style, influences, special techniques, etc.)?
I've always been obsessed with skulls and anatomy. I try to put my twist on things when I incorporate the skeletal aspect to my work. I use space/stars for eyes to indicate that there's life after death. Lately I've been playing around with the idea of my own character, Shivers the skeleton—I see him as holding the key to life. So you'll see a lot of the animals or designs with a keyhole in their rib cage. I plan to elaborate more on that later this year!

Do you take commissions?
Yes and no. I'm always open to ideas, but I'm picky with what I want to work on.  I just don't want to do the same design on the same platform over and over again. I tend to get bored  :p

Best way(s) for people to contact you/see your work?
I'm pretty bad with promotion and using social outlets. I plan to change that this year, but you can catch me posting more on Instagram or my website. The best way to contact me is through email.

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