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Jan 30, 2015

The Art of Designer Toy Packaging

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Designer toy packaging and header cards are an art form that often goes unnoticed. I have been on the fence with many a toy, and often the packaging design was the deciding factor.

Main image_OhNoSushi OhNoSashumi

In most cases, the creative mind behind the toy is also the designer of the packaging. Package design is a different art form than toy design, and it can be quite the challenge to design something to house and compliment the toy. Toys are mostly character design based, while box design is more graphic design, having to create a format, font treatments, color selection, materials, special finishes, and any other unique offerings.

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When a designer applies as much time and thought toward package design as they do the toy itself, the resulting effects are pretty awesome. The next toy you see, take a moment to soak in the creative decisions the artist made for the packaging.

AceandIon Grimace Deadbeet Packaging by Scott Tolleson & Nebulon5

I hope one day we will see a package design category for the Designer Toy Awards.

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I've been lucky enough to work with you, Gary Ham, and Scott Tolleson on some copy for the packaging of toys... didn't realize HOW MUCH love and thought and development goes into a toy's box. Great pic(k)s for the examples of great packaging!!

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