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Feb 13, 2015

An Interview with Macsorro


Macsorro (Jorge Macswiney) is one of my favorite artists. I stumbled upon his work via Instagram and was instantly drawn into his world. His paintings are amazing and my favorites of the ones that feature his stylized girls. In addition to being a skilled painter, his skill in sculpting is also great.

Jerome: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started?

Macsorro: My artist name, Macsorro, was given to me by a friend a long time a go. It stuck, so I ran with it. I've been painting and sculpting since I was a child. I guess we can say I'm currently, and will always be, a student of the school of YouTube (there's nothing you can't learn now a days). In 1998 I went to an art show featuring the art of Mark Ryden. I had never been to an art show before that one. I fell in love with the idea of painting, and having people come to the show and see my work (one day I thought). It wasn't until 2007 that I put on my big-boy pants and started showing, and selling my artwork. Ever-since I've shown my paintings, drawings and sculptures a many domestic and international galleries.


Jerome: Some of your pieces balance a sense of cuteness with a sense of macabre, where do you find your inspiration?

Macsorro:I grew up watching Tim Burton films and lots of Anime, that and the fact that the reason I started painting was because of a Mark Ryden show, which I'm sure if subconsciously embedded in me. Still, I was never a fan of the cutesy Disney, happy ending films.


Jerome: You are not only an amazing painter, but also amazing sculptor? Is there a preference to which medium you prefer?

Macsorro:I couldn't pick just one. In a painting the composition is laid out for you, displayed in a stationary, flat form. Which is good because you see exactly what I wanted you to see from the angle I wanted to show you. Sculptures are different because your composition wraps around a 3D form. You can see it from many angles, under different lights and in some case even touch it (Kids, don't touch paintings. LOL) Lately I find myself sculpting more than painting.

Jerome: Any exciting upcoming shows or projects you can share with us?

Macsorro: In 2013 I started sculpting, molding and reproducing toys, and selling them on my Etsy shop. I fell in-love instantly. Currently I have a custom Cranston Jr/Jackalope in the When Hell Freezes Over 2 show at myplasticheart Toy Store and Gallery. I've also been really busy making designer toy prototypes for Toy Art Gallery.


But most recently I've been real busy making the cutest, kung-fu monkeys (which I've heard are completely hyper and active). These figures are some of the largest I've prototyped and they were really fun to make, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work on them.


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