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Feb 13, 2015

Hyperactive Monkey’s Top 5 R-Rated Toy Lines from the 80’s


The 80’s were an awesome era for action figures. Hollywood gave us some of the most iconic action packed R-rated films in the history of cinema and the toy companies created some of the coolest figures based off these movies. While the movies the strictly targeted towards adults the toys oddly were targeted at children. Here’s my top five action figure lines based off of R-Rated films.


5) Remco’s Conan (1984)

Although this line is based more upon it’s comic origins, it was shortly released after the 1982 film. Series 1 consisted of Conan Warrior, Conan King, Thoth Amon, Jewel Thief, and Devourer of Souls. Remco’s 5 1/2” figures were in the same scale as Mattel’s He-Man line. However Conan figures sported a more aggressive look and definitely could give He-man some serious competition.


4) Diamond Toy’s Commando (1985)

Based of the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, this line of toys only featured one character from the film, John Matrix. Instead being a one man army as in the film, the toy line gave John Matrix an assortment of colorful comrades. In addition to the 3 3/4” line, Diamond Toy’s released a 6” version and 16” Super Action Figure


Robocop_UltraPolice_2 Robocop_UltraPolice_3


3) Kenner’s Robocop: Ultra Police (1988)

Although Robocop was one of the most violent films of the 80’s (the original cut was given an X-rating for violence), that didn’t stop Kenner from releasing one of the coolest toy lines of the 80’s, Robocop: Ultra Police. This 3 3/4” line of action figures featured a removable back plate in which you could place a role of caps in the back to simulate gun fire. Although the heroes of the series were definitely lifted from their cinema counterparts, the villains aside from the the ED-209 were completely original. The fun nature of this line is what makes it so desirable and “I’d buy that for a dollar!”


2) Kenner’s Police Academy (1988)

Although the 1984 was vulgar yet hilarious, the 1988 toy line removed all the adult elements and focused on the slapstick comedy. Each character had a special feature like Zed’s dropping pants or Tackleberry’s raising arms. Surprisingly the cartoony characters resembled their big screen counterparts quite well.


1) Coleco’s Rambo and the Forces of Freedom (1986)

Based off the 1982 Sylvester Stallone film First Blood, this toy line featured 7” Rambo and his pals in an anti-terrorist group know as the Force of Freedom. Their enemies were S.A.V.A.G.E (Specialist-Administrators of Vengeance, Anarchy and Global Extortion). Each figure came with a ton of accessories including guns and knives. The chunky nature of each figure and the enormous play sets are why this toy line is one of my favorites.

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