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Mar 30, 2015

Bubi Au Yeung x Crazy Label – Whispering Spirit Vinyl Set


We are always excited some new figures coming from Bubi Au Yeung and this is one of her best yet! Featuring the Whispering Spirit, a vinyl figure ready to release after 2 years in the making with the help of Crazy Label and KUSSO. The original Whispering Spirit figure was created out of polystone and was released in a limited edition of 100 pieces back in 2012. A year later Bubi Au Yeung designed 3 new colorways and 2 new characters, Smiley Slow Soul & Forgotten Soul, who we are most excited to see join the series!

Story of Whispering Spirit
Whispering Spirit talks to his best friend,
“the spirit”, a lot and relies on him very much.
“the spirit” is there for him always, especially when he got hurt or was lonely.
One thing Whispering Spirit doesn’t realize is, “the spirit” is just his imaginary friend, and what he has always counted on is actually his own self...A lot of times, we survived with our endurance’s backing, and nobody but us are our only best friends...

The Whispering Spirits are available as a set. They come packaged individually in 3 boxes, which feature a Blue Whispering Spirit + Spirit + Backpack, Yellow Whispering Spirit + Spirit + Smiley Slow Soul, and Grey Whispering Spirit + Spirit + Forgotten Soul. The Whispering Spirits stand 3” tall and their little pals measure 1.5” tall. This set is limited to a total of 333 pieces! You can order your set HERE for local customers. For international orders, please send an email to liaoyunyang[at]gmail[dot]com and expect to spend roughly $90 for the set.

WS2 WS2_smileyslowsoul SmileySlowSoulWS3 WS3_forgottensoul ForgottenSoul  packageBox_WS1Box_WS_backBox_WS_side

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