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May 13, 2015

MONDO – “The First Turtle” Pre-Order Available Now!


Here comes the 4th installment of MONDO’s new toy line! Introducing “The First Turtle”, a toy inspired by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s original doodle of what could have been the design for the pizza loving turtles we know today. 32 years later and now we have this beautiful 6.5” PVC figure, which is available in four editions. First of all is the Black and White Edition ($65), Color Edition with Red Mask ($65), Color Version with Orange Mask ($65) and the Deluxe Black and White Edition (SOLD OUT) that includes 3 interchangeable heads with different mask colors, white, red, and orange + 5" x 7" letterpress print of the original Kevin Eastman art. You can find these fine pieces through MONDO’s webstore HERE.


FIRST_TURTLE_LETTERPRESS_smallweb_bb7f190f-67a8-4c44-b346-f54f361f9376_1024x1024 FT_B_W_2_79a507cb-e642-4955-8086-7f669faf228d_1024x1024 FT_B_W_3_76831410-93f6-4192-8ca0-3f64e5272970_1024x1024FT_B_W_4_b91af90a-d6ea-40a8-99f5-9df66764e89c_1024x1024 FT_Deluxe_Red_edited_1024x1024 FT_Deluxe_Orange_Mask_edited_1024x1024 First_Turtle_B_W_5_2231d1fb-f490-4839-bec1-eb8b9c0f5a94_1024x1024 First_Turtle_B_W_6_e7402a68-f3c9-470c-b22a-7f1563458b80_1024x1024 First_Turtle_B_W_7_e3f1defb-3556-4d4f-b1a0-7b2718174a47_1024x1024First_Turtle_B_W_8_9fad7b68-2f37-4cc5-a164-1b74cd94b846_1024x1024

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