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Jun 15, 2015

Vinyl Pulse x Itokin Park 10th Anniversary Exclusive Astronaut (6.19)


10 Years…! I started Vinyl Pulse  somewhat on a whim back in the Spring of 2005.  I couldn’t find a good news source about these crazy vinyl toys I was addicted to, and hey, it was a chance to try out blogging.  I started the blog without  a clue as to the awesome people I would meet, the places I would travel for my “job”, or the joy I would have writing about and photographing amazing art toys.

How to celebrate a decade of blogging?  While I thought about a few different ideas, the answer was pretty obvious.  I love vinyl toys, so a 10th Anniversary Exclusive was a must.  But who should I ask ?  Itokin Park!  He did our first exclusive, the Vinyl Pulse Robo back in 2006, so asking him to help us remember this milestone seemed, perfect. 

So I sent off an email to Kazu,  sweated out his response, and was really excited when he agreed to make a Vinyl Pulse Exclusive Astronaut (love this toy!).  He sent quite a few different designs which all looked great.  After several days of going back and forth trying to decide, I realized this little guy with his eclectic green hair and his black + green space suit was too cool to pass up.  And, then there was the choice of which astronaut toy to make, the regular ‘capsule’ one or the 2001 inspired Space Mode Man?  That choice proved too difficult—more about that soon.

Kazu always goes out of his way to make incredible things. In addition to the toy which he hand-painted,  he also took the time to create an awesome header for the release complete with the 10th Anniversary Astronaut … and the VP Robo!  Plus he made sweet matching buttons as a fun bonus for collectors.

We will release the Vinyl Pulse x Itokin park 10th Anniversary Exclusive Astronaut (3.5”) on Friday, June 19th @ 7:30 AM PDT for $35 (+s/h) from Vinylpulse.com.  Each figure will come with a mini sticker sheet plus separately packaged button.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Vinyl Pulse and made the toy scene so much fun to cover –- artists, the people behind the brands, collectors, and of course our readers. A special thanks to Kris, Funks, who keeps the news flowing and helped to make sure VP made it to #10.



vp10th_astro-2 vp10th_astro-3

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sorry if this is a stupid question but how do we purchase from vinylpulse on the release date? Since the only thing I see on the site are toy updates/articles in blog format ...or is there a vinylpulse store link hiding somewhere (or I'm just blind..)

Hi Im wondering the same as the previous comment. Where will these figures be available to order on your site? Please let me know, thanks!

Dang! I'm kinda confused but still want this hook up!

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