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Oct 01, 2015

Huck Gee – Skullhead Blanks Available on 10.2

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Living the dream… Huck Gee will release the first batch of signed Skullhead Blanks on Friday (10.2) at noon PDT for $75 each (includes domestic shipping) exclusively from his web shop. A 100% artist-driven toy platform, the  Skullhead Blank stands 7” tall, has 7 points of articulation and is made out of resin in the USA. Beyond the design, the pricing will almost certainly draw attention. 

As Huck pointed out in his announcement, producing quality pieces in the USA in a sustainable way (living wages and safe working environments) is rather costly.  He’s hoping to bring the price down some with process improvements.  And it may be the case that the Blank’s sales and popularity may have an affect as well.  That said, it seems unlikely that The Blank will reach the price point of conventional vinyl platforms manufactured overseas.  And ultimately, that seems fine and really as it should be-- given what it is, where it comes from and how it’s made.   The higher price point may mean that the primary buyers will be customizers rather than more casual DIYers, but that seems fine as well.  Props to Huck and crew for an alternative to the status quo.

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