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Nov 21, 2015

Toy Art Gallery – Designer Con Signings and Lottery Info

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Yesterday we posted about Toy Art Gallery’s legion of Designer Con releases. Now, here’s a handy list of lottery times and artist signings—all on Saturday--including Frank Kozik  (11 AM) for the debut of his long-awaited Poison Pup ($250) in a debut violet edition.  Three years in-the-making, the Pup stands a staggering  14” tall  and features special  joints to handle the size and heft of the figure (2 lbs of vinyl).

10:30 AM - Doublethink by Tkom 1st Factory Painted Release Lottery
11:00 AM - Frank Kozik and Poison Pup Signing and Release
12:30 PM - Paul Kaiju Vault Lottery (rare and un-released pieces)
1:00 PM - James Groman and BC Blasters Signing and Release
2:00 PM -  Candie Bolton and Custom Bunny Signing and Release
3:00 PM - Doktor A and Mandrake Root Signing and Release
3:30 PM - Doublethink by Tkom Handpaint Lottery
4:00 PM - Joseph Harmon and Wolf Thing Bat Mother Signing and Release



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