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Jan 22, 2016

Instinctoy – Muckey 10th “Illusion” Lottery


If you missed the color-changing Muckey 10th color “Illusion” edition at TTF and NYCC, Instinctoy toy is offering a lottery release ending on 6:59 AM PST on Sunday (1.24).  Illusion features  fancy, high-tech UV-active color shifting tech.  In normal, indoor light the figure  has a pearlescent appearance.  The white shifts to a deep violet hue when exposed to UV light (black light fixture, flashlight or direct sunlight)—see the video below for a demo. What if you display it in a lit room and turn off the lights?  It glows – yep, it’s GID as well.   The Illusion Muckey ships with a special UV resistant bag to protect the figure—best not to display the figure in direct sunlight over time.  The figure is available via lottery for 12,000 yen (~US$101) which you can enter by filling out and emailing the form (after the jump) by 6:59 AM PST on Sunday (1.24).

Muckey-10th-uvcutbag muckey-10th-illusion-09


【About the toys】
Muckey 10th coor “illusion” Price <<12,000JPY>>
【Shipping and Shipping Fee】
The toys will be sent by EMS.
Payment is in Japanese YEN only, via PayPal.
****(The total price will be {toy price} + {shipping fee} + {4.5% PayPal extra fee})
The toy will only be delivered once the payment has been processed. The shipping will start on 26th Jan by order. (For oversea shipping, it might take a little bit more time to prepare.) And if you are looking for more items in one time, the shipping fee will be different, please ask.
If overseas customers agree to the terms and conditions above, please submit an order sheet (detailed below) and send us e-mail with the subject title as “Join lottery draw", Thank you.
( [email protected])
Phone number:
PayPal Account:

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