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Mar 29, 2016

Huck Gee –- Lapin Noir – Le Sabre

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So far, our view of the Dapper Little Scoundrels world, has been all about mechanized combat. Now, Huck Gee brings the fight against the Untz to a more personal, ground level.  Far away from the front lines, the hare-raising Lapin Noir resistance force does their part with guerilla-like operations. Heads and shoulders (or is that ears) above the rest, is Le Sabre – a stealthy sort specializing in all manner of disruption be it destruction, thievery, or whatever is needed.  Limited to 10 hand-crafted, signed-and-numbered custom ‘The Blank’s, Le Sabre dual-wields two blades and packs an explosive punch with a few ‘nades for situations requiring just a bit more oomph. Le Sabre is available now for $850 (+ s/h). To order drop a line to [email protected].

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